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Partner Project Grants

The Unit #1 Educational Foundation's goal is to support local learning through communication, dollars and program collaboration for all within the community which is supported by Unit #1. Our Partnership Projects specifically are intended to address the strategic directions of the district through direct classroom and teacher support.

All awarded Partnership Projects must publicize the project in the local papers, recognizing Unit #1 Educational Foundation as a sponsoring organization. Student presentations to the Foundation are welcome at any time.


Partner Project Grant Application Form pdf file​


• Community Cares Activity
• Small Town Theatrics
• Intermediate School IPAD's
• High School Peer Helpers
• Middle School Peer Mediation
• Elementary School Summer School Reading
• 8th Grade Computer Project
• Middle School Math ETA Cuisenarie
• Intermediate School Bookcases
• Music Booster Trailer Purchase
• High School English Problem Based Learning Activity
• Parent Education Program
• Phonics Program
• River Tank Ecosystem
• Chem Challenge
• Chess Club
• Book Club
• Art Club
• Coop Upgrade
• Link Leaders
• Environmental Science Service Project
• Take Home Reading Program
• Computer Collaboration

• Reality Works
• Geometry Reinforcement
• Varsity Shriners
• Reflections...305 E. Division
• King Tut Field Trip
• Real Care Babies Project
• Astronomy Project
• Helping Children Cope with Grief
• Love & Logic Parenting Classes
• Road to Reality
• Others

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